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Action, Desire & Power

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Is Time Travel Worth Killing For?
By Walter Nussbaum, Jr.

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Science Fiction, Crime & The Mafia
By Walter Nussbaum, Jr.

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"Secrets From The Street" Excerpts...

...I advocate that neither agent nor manufacturer should enter into a commission contract unless they accept the underlying concepts in this book...

...Adopt the following principal as a basis for maintaining independence; "It's not we, it's you and me."...

...If your company is an offshore manufacturer establishing your own office, manufacturing, or warehouse in the U.S., reps will be very interested in your products, because...

... All the canned spiels... high-power offers and promises aren't as effective as an honest manipulation. Yes, I'll say it again-honest manipulation... some... find my approach discomforting. They may prefer the words "convince" or "enlighten" when relating how to change a customer's thinking. However, those terms apply to the results achieved. I'm describing the avenue... Finesse it so the decision-maker... senses the advantage of your product themselves.

... The intent of this book is to acquire and maintain customers, even though the actions required aren't always a science. The human psyche is an important consideration in sales...

Book Size is 5.5″ x 8.5″

What “SECRETS FROM THE STREET” delivers and dosen’t.

Four separate industrial interests are addressed; independent manufacturers reps, salaried reps, manufacturers (principals) and rookie salespeople. All four are presented specific to their nature, yet are woven together so all aspects are pertinent to the reader.
“Secrets” give the independent rep tools to start, acquire reliable product lines, grow your business and everything in between. “Early in my career I took the leap as an Independent Rep (Agent) and grew to a multi rep agency. Everything I learned is explained in my book, it’s a jump-start to profitability”.
Success depends upon building a growing customer base, to achieve that result Walt’s “Secrets From The Street’s” prospecting technique delivers a proven methodology to uncover new industry customers, qualify their potential and locate key decision makers your competitors won’t know exist. A chart makes it easy to follow.
“Secrets” is not a dissertation of redundant data, analytics or pointless definitions ill-suited for developing industrial customers and inadequate for beginners or active industrial salespeople, especially those initiating sales on the street.
Walt’s sales expertise stems from a lifelong sales career in industry, nothing herein is second hand. His acumen within industry includes manufacturing, the construction trade, industrial services, everything connected and implied; plus sales to-and-for industrial distribution and its vast network of dealers and distributor. Selling wide-ranging industrial categories requires a background few have to deliver it in a book.
Reading Walt’s book may give pause to reps going out on their own; however, independent and salaried reps need to know what to expect and what it takes to make it. To that end, the first chapter introduces situations an industrial rep is likely to encounter. “I appeal to reps to abide by my “take-it-to-the-bank” experiences. What’s written is the way it is, no pomp or empty promises”.
A supplement “Take A Manufacturers Agent To Market”, is included in the book “Secrets From The Street”, and available separately as an e-book. Using Walt’s “conditions-for-success” and a fair written agreement, manufacturers will create quality relationships with reps.
Who Needs To Read This Book? “Secrets From The Street” is for everyone who has ever wondered about outside sales in the world of industry. It’s for the rookie and seasoned salesperson; the eager beaver and the beleaguered. It’s for those who question how things went wrong after following scripted dialogue from a sales book, and it’s particularly for outside sales people who don’t have a clue how to pick themselves up after useless motivational jargon wears off.





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Check Out "Take A Manufactures Agent To Market"
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"Secrets From The Street" Excerpts...
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... Becoming an independent manufacturers' agent doesn't require a warehouse, stock, employees, or even an office. Use your spare bedroom, or just shove your bed into a corner. Having sales experience helps, but it's not necessary. If you're the sort who likes meeting new people, that's tantamount to success...Choosing the material to sell is the first step... Manufacturers of those other products become additional opportunities for representation. Here's how to get those new lines...

...Where are the agents?...national journals have "Agent Wanted" classifieds...Attending trade shows is one of the best ways to find agents...

...Be sure your written agreement is clear about exclusivity...

...key words and phrases to watch for in agreements: In the cancellation clause ask for the word GOOD within the sentence, "either party has the right to cancel the contract with GOOD cause." Short of that simply WITH or FOR can be...

...Check the companies the prospective agent represents before you commit and be sure that their products complement one another and likewise what you manufacture...

...a surefire system, whereby manufacturers can effectively market their products through Manufacturers' Agents...It offers candid, how-to detail to engage, and sell products through a network of agents...

... It's been said that outside sales is no place for the timid. I disagree. In fact, those types usually approach the job with an open mind. So if timid fits your demeanor, keep reading. We'll put that part of your personality to good use. It's true that the first sales visit of your life can make your heart beat faster than a five mile run ...

...Agents read the supplement, "Take A Manufacturers' Agent To Market" to understand what manufacturers undertake to find and evaluate you...

Supplement - Take A
Manufacturers Agent
To Market. E-Book $4.95

(included in
"Secrets From The Street")

How Manufacturers & Reps Partner To Achieve Long Term Success

Author, Walter Nussbaum, Jr.'s economics major offered few opportunities after college. Luckily, he found his niche with an early job experience in industrial equipment sales. Five years later, at age 26, he began a lifetime independent manufacturers rep career and success followed. He continued in outside sales as he grew his company and within a decade became a multi-rep agency.

Walt's new science fiction books were inspired by working as an independent rep and a special interest in science and technology. A fascination for science fiction, and the improbable lead to entertaining, and thought provoking plots. His new books are written with the same attention to detail and commitment to the reader invested in his popular non-fiction sales book, "Secrets From The Street."